Function Chart Human Resource Management Division

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 Personnel Section

 1) Organizing human resources strategic plan.

 2) Organizing human resources flow and division.

 3) Managing human resources plan.

 4) Planning and organizing warrant management.

 5) Plaining and organizing staffing budget.

 6) Managing annual staffing application through ABM.

 7) Plaining and organizing human resources management development system (HR).

 8) Handling the submittance of information to KPT / JPA.

 9) Organize human development data management.

 10) Managing the management of HRMIS (staffing module).

 11) Managing staff's exchange and placement.

 12) Managing the assignment of administrative positions rotation.


 Recruitment & Career Advancement Section

 1) Handling the assignment (academic and non academic).

 2) Managing staff's loan.

 3) Managing assignment exchange application.

 4) Managing assignment and contract monitoring (academic and non academic)

 5) Handling the VISA and international pass.

 6) Handling study leave.

 7) Organizing the compensation claim for contract cancellation.

 8) Handling the assignment for part-time staff (non academic).

 9) Handling mobility programs (sabbatical leave and industrial attachment).

 10) Managing post doctoral program.

 11) Managing part time study.

 12) Committee member for study leave.


 Payroll & Staff Performance Section

 1) Handling the salary and staff emolument.

 2) Handling staff report of change every month.

 3) Handling the annual salary movement.

 4) Handling the payment of contract rewards.

 5) Managing staff achievement.

 6) Managing the nomination of UMK excellent achievement.

 7) Managing the nomination of state and federation degree of hounr and awards.

 8) Organizing the UMK excellent achievement awards ceramony.

 9) Committee members for UMK awards.

 10) Managing MyRA data management.


 Staff Services Section

 1) Handling the in-service verification

 2) Staff service test.

 3) Merging the staff service and retirement.

 4) Staff service record.

 5) Staff discipline.

 6) Staff job security.

 7) Handling the leave.

 8) Handling HRMIS system.

 9) Staff property declaration.

 10) Managing the resignation.

 11) Handling the committee and department meeting.

 12) Employer's approval and staff outside work.

 13) PERKESO claim.

 14) Counseling session.

 15) Handling staff exit policy.

 16) Handling Ex-Gratia Scheme.

 17) Handling the ARKAB.