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Official Portal of Registrar Office

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Functions - BPKP

1. Control of Customer Service (call out the university, services, advice and feedback from depositing cash in customer complaints) UMK Campus Bachok

2. Manage the organizational chart andthe chart of the organization / function of the Office of the Registrar

3. Manage the University Calendar

4. Managing the File System and University Archives

5. Manage the Code of Responsibility (CoR)

6. To manage the administrative affairs of the Office of the Registrar

7. The Office of the Registrar General Secretariat

8. Managing Administrative Circular, announcement, record, a compilation of policy and policy circulars University

9. Managing the Quality System Registrar's Office (Innovative and Creative Group (KIK), 5S and Work Procedure Manual (MPK) / File Table (FM))

10. Manage and monitor Annual Target (SKT) Registry

11. Manage the Annual Report of the Office of the Registrar

12. Managing the Information Systems Office of the Registrar

13. Manage Web Registry

14. Manage the Finance Office of the Registrar

   - Coordinate the preparation of budget

   - Managing the budget and budget operating budget by quarter

   - Updating the budget received and expenses have been executed in the e-Vote

   - Provide information on the movement of bills and claims various Treasurer's Office to two (2) times a month

   - Manage quotes Responsibility Center (CoR)

   - Manage the purchase request

   - Manage payment of bills, local orders, claims and demands of the course of treatment

   - Manage payment instructions all claims from staff and suppliers

   - Manage Petty Cash

   - Managing Trust

   - Managing the assets and inventory

   - Manage feedbacks financial audit questions

   - Providing financial performance report and expenditure by quarter

15. Manage the Medical and Dental Staff UMK

16. To manage Mel University

17. Manage Airplane Ticket Reservations

18. Manage Debit Cards Staff & Students

19. Manage Group Insurance Staff

20. Managing Staff Uniforms

21. Managing the Registration Forms Official University

22. Managing Practical Student Placement

23. Managing Funeral Management Assistance Fund

24. Manage the Vehicle Registry

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