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Official Portal of Registrar Office

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Functions - BSM

1. Staffing needs of the application to the Ministry of Education (MOE).

2. Plan staffing needs of the University.

3. Controlling the requirements of the post via the creation of staffing ratios, staffing and audit staffing norms.

4. Preparation of budget documents (scope of employment).

5. Manage the ads for vacancies for permanent / contract academic and non-academic staff.

6. Make the process of screening candidates before the interview.

7. Manage the interview process for the appointment of academic and non-academic staff.

8. Manage the interview process for the promotion of academic and non-academic staff.

9. Manage the appointment of academic and non academic appointment of permanent, contract, and part-time workers.

10. Manages appointments Guest Lecturer / Lecturer exceed 6 months within the period of appointment.

11. To manage the staff report for the preparation of new and Record of Change (ROC) payroll.

12. Managing the MSE service examination staff.

13. The confirmation of the service staff of UMK.

14. Manage the conferment of pensionable status.

15. To manage the merger of past service.

16. Manage the registration number of the pension to the Retirement Fund Incorporated (KWAP).

17. To manage the pre-retirement.

18. To manage the retirement / options.

19. Managing the Retirement Council / Council of APC (APC, AGU, AJB & AKNC).

20. Manage the annual salary increases and annual bonuses.

21. Manage the Annual Target and Evaluation staff UMK Nastasi.

22. Rewarding Contracts and Remuneration of Leave.

23. Managing the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS).

24. Managing all types of holidays UMK staff.

25. To manage the service record book (BRP) UMK staff including service records and leave records.

26. Managing the acting position and covering.

27. Manage the application of the salary adjustment.

28. Manage immigration.

29. Manage security clearance and vetting MACC.

30. To manage workers' compensation insurance claims.

31. Manage the application of the resignation of staff.

32. Provide a letter of confirmation from the employer. 

33. To manage the personal files of staff of UMK / preparation MyRA & EQUIVALENTS data / Data JIK KPM / statistical reporting staff / warrants and warrants charging. 

34. The Secretary of the Selection Committee for the appointment and promotion of academic and non-academic staff. 

35. Meeting Secretariat Human Resources Development Council (HRDC). 

36. Service Meeting Secretariat. 

37. Secretariat AGU Meeting / AKNC. 

38. Provide policy and related policies Study Leave (CB) / Sabbatical Leave (CS) / Postdoctoral / Sub Expertise Staff / Staff Mobility. 

39. Prepare and coordinate the planning staff on study leave. 

40. Managing a staff study leave application. 

41. To manage the application Sabbatical Leave / Postdoctoral / Sub Expertise Staff / Staff Mobility. 42. Secretariat of University Study Leave Committee Meeting. 

43. Provide staff who broke the contract documents to be submitted to the Legal & Governance, Office of the Chancellery. 

44. To manage the demands of staff and related allowances paid study leave. 

45. Monitor the development staff study staff on study leave and study leave has expired. 

46. ​​To manage the application ease of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by the staff on study leave. 

47. Manage the application of staff attend Officer Training Program Transformation Abroad (PTPLN) Candidate's degree and Ph.D. 

48. To manage the application for part-time studies (part-time) and distance learning staff of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan.

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